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Hail no! Landrieu starts Twitter battle after Mobile mayor beefs about Mardi Gras

All Hail! (Source: NOLA Weekend) All Hail! (Source: NOLA Weekend)

Louisiana vs. Alabama. It’s the kind of rivalry that usually exists on the gridiron, after all, they don’t really have anything else.

But… Uh,oh! Here comes Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson weighing in on who is truly King of Carnival: his city or the Crescent City (I know, it’s really Rex).

Stimpson struck first early Wednesday afternoon with a Tweet that tagged New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu that said “you are 114 miles from America’s original Mardi Gras. The @City_of_Mobile would love to show you how it’s done!”

Oh, no… no, no, no, no.

Landrieu would be the one who showed Stimpson how it’s done, at least on Twitter.

First, he said the state should stick to football and let the professional in New Orleans handle #RealMardiGras.

Then Landrieu fired out a picture of the 2009 U.S. Presidential Inauguration and the one from 2017. The number of people in the crowd is much less in 2017. He said it was like a New Orleans crowd vs. a Mobile crowd.

Finally, Landrieu got millennial on Stimpson and tossed out a meme showing an angry man who feels cheated that his Uber driver dropped him off in Mobile when he really wanted to go to New Orleans.

Throw me something, mister… Looks like the only thing Landrieu is throwing is shade. That said, the online exchange appeared to just be some well-natured ribbing, caused by a clever billboard.

Stimpson hasn't responded to any of Landrieu's tweets at the time this was published.

So, does Mobile have a better Mardi Gras? Here’s what Alabama native Bishop Bullwinkle had to say:

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