Morstead delivers on promise

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (WVUE) - A very emotional day here at the Children's Hospital in Minneapolis as saints punter Thomas Morstead made good on his promise to personally deliver a check worth over $220,000, mostly from donations from Vikings fans.

"It's really cool to play on Sundays, and it's cool for people to say man my friend plays for the Saints, or my family member plays for the Saints," said Saints punter Thomas Morstead. They get to come to New Orleans, and do all the fun things, but something like this feels so impactful and it's very humbling.

Vikings fans were originally inspired by Morstead, who remained in the game after taking a shot to the ribs on a punt return from Marcus Sherels. Sherels made it a point to be here today.

"He had a pretty good tackle on me during the game. I wasn't sure what happened to him until after the game when I talked to him. I broke his ribs, and I felt bad for that. But it did start this for a good cause," said Marcus Sherels.