Video: Water spews out of drainage pipe recently 'fixed' in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The City of New Orleans must back-track on a drainage project that has already cost taxpayers $150,000.

"I'm really not mad anymore. I'm more embarrassed," resident Kevin Seibert said. "It's the same ol' soup warmed over."

In October, three cars were stranded at the Canal Boulevard underpass when a pipe burst underneath the surface, flooding the entire road and sending debris into the street.

Crews with the Department of Public Works addressed drainage and flooding at the underpass not long after the October event.

For awhile, the fix seemed sufficient, until heavy rains hit the area a little more than a week ago.

Instead of the drainage system pumping water out, it overflows and pushes water out of the manhole and back into the underpass below. Seibert and other residents said they were not surprised.

"All I can say is that right there bears the fruit of gross incompetence," Seibert said.

"It's actually floating," resident Gary King said while he watched the manhole cover over water gushing from the drainage pipe. "The water is coming out and going somewhere, and of course it goes under the overpass and sure enough, someone is going to come in and stall their car out."

However, the side that was recently worked on but still looks in need of repairs is only part of the problem.

FOX 8 captured video in April of 2016 that showed the drainage along the other side of the underpass also spews water to the surface and into the street.

Repair crews have not addressed that side. During the recent rainfall, water poured out from the concrete lining of the underpass as it had done on the other side.

Plus, there are two spots near the underpass where water constantly drips out of the system into the street.

"They need to get in there and fix it right, is all I can say," King said. "It's the one thing the mayor seems to be concerned about is his legacy. So hopefully by fixing the other side of the street, we won't be so hard on him in the future. How about that?"

"It's going to take a lot more engineering expertise than what (Sewerage and Water Board has) right now because what they have right now ain't cutting it," Seibert said.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu's office said it was recently made aware of the ongoing issues at the Canal Boulevard underpass and a crew will determine what exactly needs to be done.

If it is found to be the contractors fault, taxpayers will not have to pay additional for repairs because the repairs are under warranty, according to the mayor's office.

S&WB inspectors recently took video of the drain lines to assess the damage on the east side of the underpass. The agency said repairs to that side will begin shortly.

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