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St. Tammany hospital employee accidentally strikes nurse with car in crosswalk

Source: Raycom Source: Raycom

A St. Tammany Hospital employee accidentally struck a nurse who was walking in a hospital crosswalk Friday. 

The Covington Police Department received the call around 7:25 p.m.

The call was in reference to a pedestrian struck by a vehicle on 8th Avenue near St. Tammany Parish Hospital. 

According to the report, Merideth Andrews, an employee with St. Tammany Hospital, was leaving the employee parking lot after stopping at the stop sign near 8th avenue. 

Police said just a few feet away from the intersection is a well-marked, well-lit cross walk that also has flashing lights announcing the approach of the crosswalk from both directions.  

Andrews did not see Anfred Tachdijan-McCarthy in the crosswalk, and struck her with her 2016 Ford truck, according to the report. 

Police said McCarthy was rendered aid within two minutes of the accident, and was transported to the emergency room with severe injuries. 

Police said impairment is not suspected in the incident. 

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