Video from Ronald Gasser murder trial shows emotional interview with JP detectives

"I fired through the window from the driver's seat," said Ronald Gasser, who was found guilty of manslaughter recently in the December 2016 shooting death of former NFL player Joe McKnight.

Jurors in the Gasser trial watched more than a dozen hours of video evidence in the case. FOX 8 obtained the video of Gasser's 8.5-hour interview with JPSO detectives after the shooting.

"He was doing something aggressively towards me, and I feared my life. I feared my life in that point in time," Gasser said during the interview.

"The defense said that he had every right under the law to defend himself in his vehicle. What the jury believed is that next statute which talks about the aggressor rule," said FOX 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti.

Prosecutors called more than a dozen witnesses to the stand. None of them actually saw the shooting happen, but prosecutors told the jury that Gasser was clearly the aggressor.

Gasser told detectives the road rage incident started on the Crescent City Connection when McKnight nearly hit him. The two continued down General DeGaulle, and Gasser said things became very heated.

"He made another aggressive move to get on the side of me, and he was still saying, 'Hey, pull over. Let's settle it now. Pull it over.' I'm not going to do that. I'm just not going to do that," Gasser said.

Gasser told investigators that his window was down, he'd gotten his gun out, and the back-and-forth continued.

Gasser turned onto Behrman Highway, and McKnight turned as well.

"He's telling me, 'Hey, stop your car and get out.' I'm saying, 'You're stupid. I'm not going to stop for you dude,'" Gasser said.

Gasser did eventually stop at a red light at Behrman and Holmes Boulevard. McKnight pulled up just 18 inches from Gasser's vehicle, stopped his SUV and approached Gasser's car.

"This is my car. He goes like this. Now he's in my car," Gasser said.

Gasser maintains that McKnight lunged at him. That when Gasser said he picked up his gun and shot McKnight three times.

Prosecutors said the trajectory of the bullets showed McKnight was not lunging into the car.

"I jumped out my car as fast as I could and went around the car in a police stance just to make sure the threat was gone. He's (McKnight) on the pavement. He's lying between my car and his car. Once I realized the threat was diffused, I looked at everybody and I put the gun on the trunk," Gasser said.

The jury deliberated for 7.5 hours before finding Gasser guilty of manslaughter.

He'll be sentenced in March and faces up to 40 years in prison.

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