Video, witness provide insight on final moments of activist gunned down in Mid-City

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Surveillance video captures the final moments of a well-known South Carolina activist who was shot and killed near Mid-City.

"He had very little breath left, and he was just, 'Man, please help me, help me please,'" Jerry Curtis said.

Police say Black Lives Matter leader Muhiydin Moye was gunned down on Bienville Street Tuesday just before 1:30 a.m.

Muhiydin is seen in surveillance video walking through Cacamo Auto Repair's parking lot with a black mountain bike. He continues across Bienville Street and drops the bike.

Shortly after, several police cars pull up to find Moye on his back on the ground bleeding from a gunshot wound to his thigh.

Investigators said they found a two-block-long trail of blood.

"He fell and then I came to help him then I really noticed how severe it was. I was like, 'Man you were bleeding bad.' That's why I can't believe that he came from that far," Curtis said.

Curtis said Muhiyidin collapsed in front of his house.

"My wife and I were out here putting up some fencing, it was late at night, one o'clock, one thirty or so. I went inside, I heard some shots, and when I came back out to see what's going on, the guy was laying right here, just begging for help," Curtis said.

Curtis said he has two of Moye's belongings, which he hopes to return to his family.

"I had the guy's keys up there. He had a flute that he played music, I guess. I'm like, gang bangers and things like that don't carry flutes," Curtis said.

It wasn't until the next day that Curtis realized who Moye was.

Moye captured national attention when he grabbed a Confederate flag from a protestor during a live report in South Carolina.

His family and friends gathered for a vigil in his honor in Charleston Tuesday night.

"I don't think he ever felt appreciated or felt that people believed in what he was doing 100 percent. He would be happy to know that his work was not for nothing," said his older sister, Kimberli Duncan.

Meanwhile, Curtis said the shooting has him very emotional.

"Born and raised here. I still have never been that close to something like that. Born and raised here, I've seen I've heard things happen, it just never hit that close to home," Curtis said.