Druids, Nyx roll on soggy but spirited night

Druids, Nyx roll on soggy but spirited night

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Another soggy night of Carnival didn't stop people folks from coming out and enjoying Druids and Nyx on Wednesday.

"I hope the whole crowd comes out, takes a chance on the rain," said Deborah Kraft.

And many did.

"I have my Nyx things that I made, and a coat!" said Arabella Cook.

What's more, parade-goers didn't seem to mind.

"I don't care," said Sophie Wilken. "Once the floats start rolling and we start jumping around and screaming and acting like crazy people, we will not even feel a thing. We'll be fine.   6

"It's not ideal, but it could be worse," said Hillary Alexander. "This isn't so bad. I thought it was going to be worse than this."

In fact, some even welcomed the wet weather.

"I hope it rains!" said Corrin Emmons. "It's fun when it rains. Everybody just gets so much more hype."

While some riders say the rain required them to make a few modifications, overall, it's just another parade during what many consider the best time of the year.

Troy Bergeron

"We don't mind taking the tops down, getting them dirty," said Troy Bergeron. "That's what they're made for. It's all in the fun, and Mardi Gras is just a great time of year to express the fun that you have here in New Orleans."

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