Parade horses up for adoption

Parade horses up for adoption

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Humane Society is now accepting adoption applications for parade horses.

"During the Carnival season, a lot of the krewes need extra horses, so they come from different areas and they're here now, and they're leased to the krewes. After the Carnival season, we need to quickly find them homes," Humane Society of Louisiana Director Jeff Dorson said.

If the horses aren't adopted, the Humane Society said they would be sold at auctions.

"We don't want them to meet an uncertain fate, so we're facilitating the adoptions. We have a page on Facebook where people can actually see the pictures of the horse, the profile and the adoption fee," Dorson said.

With the widely shared video of the Krewe of Oshun rider seen beating his horse, the Humane Society said it's even more concerned about the well-being of parade horses.

"We want to make sure that the krewes, we're going to communicate with them that we want humane standards of care for all the horses that appear in parades going forward," Dorson said.

"I think the thing that we do that's different than anybody else is we supply a walker, a handler with every horse. So when you see them going through the parades, they will actually have somebody holding onto them," Cascade Stables Owner Barbe Smith said.

Organizers said adoption fees can range between $650 and $1,500 depending on the horses' breed and age.

"They've been vaccinated, they've been vetted they all have their health certificate, they're good to go," Dorson said.

As for now, the horses are staying at the Cascade Stables.

"It has been great for the Humane Society to help us do this. These are wonderful horses that we buy every year and a lot of times they go back to those brokers or whatever, and this way they find new homes, and everyone who adopted them last year loved the horses they adopted," Smith said.

Organizers said last year was a success, and all 17 horses found new homes.