Texas woman pleads with city to help find support animal lost in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Lauren Springob's said her world is falling apart.

She and her husband Jordan Lucas were visiting friends in New Orleans a month ago when they lost her support animal Rex.

Springob and Lucas are from Houston, Texas. They have fostered over 18 animals this year, and lost two of their animals to untimely deaths. But as much as that hurts Springob, she said the pain is unbearable without Rex.

Turns out, Rex might need Springob more than she needs him.

Rex's life hasn't been easy. He was walking into a kill-shelter to die after coming from an abusive home when he met Springob.

"Rex was our foster dog. We just wanted to save him and get him adopted," Springob said. "He had kennel cough, an upper respiratory infection and serious trust issues."

Springob nursed Rex back to health, and she and her husband took him to an adoption event in hopes of finding him a forever home.

She had no idea how much of an impact she had made on Rex's life until that day.

"We went to lunch for an hour and a half and left him at the event," Springob said. "We came back and the event coordinators told us he hadn't moved from the very spot we left him. No one could touch him, he just sat and waited for us."

That's when Springob knew Rex had chosen them as his family.

Rex was welcomed with open arms into their home. He became best friends with another rescue, their family cat.

Then Rex received another emotional blow.

"One day a dog busted through the door of our home and attacked our cat," Springob said. "Rex did everything he could to protect her, but she died. Rex was even injured."

Springob said from the abuse to the loss of the cat, travelling without him was impossible.

"That's why we brought him in the first place, his separation anxiety is just too bad."

Springob and her husband were visiting with friends when they tried to leave him alone with their friend's dog.

"Even with their dog, which he liked, he couldn't be left alone," Springob said.

They looked up a pet sitter online. She said the one they found had good reviews, and decided to leave him at their center while they hung out with their friends in the city.

"Not even two hours later we get the call that he had backed out of his collar," Springob said. "He was last seen running down Claiborne and hasn't been seen since."

Springob said Rex isn't aggressive, but he is very skiddish. She said about 13 area shelter volunteers are helping her search.

"My husband stayed for about a week after our trip to look for him, but he had to come home," Springob said. "He won't approach anyone, so the best thing to do if you see him is to call me so I can reach out to one of the volunteers."

Springob said Rex is a Boxer Mastiff mix and is three years old. He is chipped and neutered.

Even if something horrible happened to Rex, she said she would rather know than think he is somewhere alone.

"Wherever he is, he is scared and he is alone and he wants to come home. Even the nicest person trying to help him he won't let them near him," said Springob. "He needs us as much as we need him here."

And she really does need him. Rex helps her deal with stressful situations.

"We lost our cat, we lost another dog that got into an accident before we could adopt him, now this," Springob said. "He is my support, and it seems impossible to get through this without him."

She wants Rex home, but is prepared to face the worst.

"Even if he is dead, or something happened and you know...please tell us," Springob said. "We want to start our grieving process if he isn't alive. We want to be at peace with the time we had with him if it comes to it."

Springob said anyone who believes they have seen Rex can call her at 713-614-3333.