Endymion prepares to roll on schedule

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Endymion revelers stake out their spots along Orleans Avenue.

"We're expecting a great crowd. Rain or shine, we'll be here," said Dave Moran.

"Normally people are out here Wednesday. Fortunately for me, I didn't have to come out that early this year," said Mike Lockhart.

Many laid out tarps on the neutral ground because they know tomorrow may be more wet than dry.

"We're expecting it, but we came prepared. We've got the boots, raincoats, rain pants and we're prepared," Lockhart said.

Endymion officials say as of now, there are no changes to the parade time or Samedi Gras. The stage was built Friday for what has been dubbed the world's largest block party. Samedi Gras starts at noon.

"It's the perfect spot, mainly because you've got the stage right across the street and you have the concerts going on all day long," said Kevin Bergeron.

Bergeron lives nearby, and every year, he turns his home into party central for the Endymion parade.

"To me, it's like a family reunion," Bergeron said.

He said there's nothing like the Endymion parade rolling through Mid-City.

"I mean they just keep getting better, and they keep adding to it. The riders throw so much stuff," Bergeron said.

Crews moved about half of the Endymion floats to the start of the parade route, and they'll move the rest Saturday morning. Riders started gearing up earlier this week, loading their floats with as many throws as possible.

And everyone is hoping the rain will stay away.

"We're feeling excited. We're hoping to get lucky with the weather," said Stephen Douglass.

"We know we are going to get wet, but that's not going to ruin the Mardi Gras spirit," Lockhart said.

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