Sarah Jane Holbrook reigns as Queen of Carnival 2018

Sarah Jane Holbrook reigns as Queen of Carnival 2018

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - We now know who will reign as Queen of Carnival 2018.

She is Sarah Jane Holbrook Freeman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis McDaniel Freeman Jr.

The junior at the University of Virginia is majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Art History.

She enjoys running, traveling, drawing, kayaking and design.

She's honored to be queen at such an amazing time in the city's history and says New Orleans should be cherished.

"I hope we can do as much as we can to preserve the city. I learned a lot about the receding coastline and environmental impact that has happened in New Orleans. It's important for us to focus on," says Freeman.

Freeman hopes to work in Marketing and Public Relations or Interior Design out of college.

She comes from a long line of Rex royalty. Her grandfather and three other relatives were kings of Carnival.

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