WATCH AGAIN: Endymion 2018 Live Coverage

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - In 1967 a fledgling carnival krewe called Endymion paraded for the first time.

Heavy rainfall at Gallier Hall as Endymion begins entering Superdome

Floats continue making their way through the Superdome

The Pontchartrain Beach float makes its way through the Superdome

The parade started as a small neighborhood venture in the Bayou St. John-Gentilly area and is named for the Olympian god of fertility and youth, according to Carnival historian Arthur Hardy.

By 1974, Endymion had grown into a super club. By 2018, the club's membership had reached more than 3,000, and attendance at its after-parade party, the Endymion Extravaganza held in the Superdome, will total more than 20,000.

A Gentilly born radio mogul, Ed Muniz, founded the krewe in 1966 and over the decades put his over the top stamp on Carnival.

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