Video of kids reacting to 'authentic' Mardi Gras foods leaves Louisianians scratching heads

Video of kids reacting to 'authentic' Mardi Gras foods leaves Louisianians scratching heads

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A viral video on Facebook presenting children with "authentic" Mardi Gras spreads has some Louisiana residents scratching their heads.

The video, which was produced by California-based Fine Brothers Entertainment, was shared by a popular channel known for making "react videos," during which people are filmed as they try foods, listen to music, watch clips from movies or play with vintage technology. Often the subjects are children, but adults are sometimes thrown in the mix, according to our partners | The Times Picayune. 

The video features recipes such as king cake, jambalaya, beignets and red beans and rice . However, the video states that the children are being served "authentic" cajun recipes from a restaurant in Los Angeles which proved to be problematic for some Louisiana commenters.

The kids featured in the video were mostly fans of the sweets, but were not impressed with the spicy dishes.

"It just tastes like rice and pinto beans," one child said about the red beans and rice. "It tastes kind of like a burrito," said another child.

The kids were the most disappointed with the crawfish.

"It seems very bland," said one child. "It kind of like, had a sour after taste," said another. "It is disgusting."

Comments on the video were less forgiving.

"So if the crawfish is bland, it isn't cooked properly. Jambalaya isn't put "over" rice - that's an etouffee. Plantains are not cooked in the beignets. Your authentic Louisiana restaurant in L.A. isn't that authentic," one commenter said.

" I live in New Orleans. I have never had a plantain in my beignets. I have never had jambalaya OVER rice. I love your videos, but his makes me doubt the validity of info you provide with them," said another.

"...ain't no sauces at a crawfish boil!!!!!!! And someone show these kids how to peel them!"

Watch the video here.