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She fell in love with a Hermes rider, but now she needs your help finding him

(Michael DeMocker, / The Times-Picayune) (Michael DeMocker, / The Times-Picayune)
Source: Capri Guarisco Facebook/Tulane Classifieds Source: Capri Guarisco Facebook/Tulane Classifieds

It was love at first Mardi Gras throw at the Hermes parade Friday. 

Capri Guarisco was watching the Hermes parade when cupids arrow hit her hard. 

Guarisco said that one of the riders threw her some wing ears when something unexpected happened. 

"I just remember one of the Hermes floats was stuck right in front of us," Guarisco said. "I told him that I love him and then the float started moving again." 

It appears that her Hermes rider also felt the spark. 

"You love me?" he said to Guarisco as he motioned for her to come forward. 

The rest was a match made in Carnival. 

Guarisco said they briefly spoke about where each other lived when their love story came to an end. 

"The float started to move again," Guarisco said. "I think I want to marry this guy."

She posted their entire conversation on Tulane Classifieds in hopes of finding her true love. 

The hopes of connecting Guarisco and her Hermes rider were widely supported by those who commented on the post. 

"I just need to know the ending to this story," said one commenter. "Hope you find the guy so you can have a happily ever after," said another. 

For now, Guarisco is still searching for her mystery man but she welcomes anyone to share and comment on the post in hopes of being reunited with him.

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