VIDEO: Mardi Gras costumes and shenanigans in the French Quarter

New Orleans, La. (AP) - Mardi Gras is when you come across alligators - or maybe dragons - from Boston taking photos of two-headed dragons from Wichita, Kansas, in the French Quarter.
They were among more than 100 people, many of them costumed, in Jackson Square about 10 a.m., as French Quarter festivities got under way on Fat Tuesday and a morning chill began warming up.
Zulu, the first parade, was already rolling on a route that ends on Canal street, the edge of the Quarter, with crowds jostling and shouting for beads, toy spears and Zulu's signature painted coconuts.
Nearby, a street preacher shouted that people in the crowd were heading for damnation. He was backed up by about 50 followers and surrounded by a small crowd, most of them hecklers.
The religious group left after a few minutes of ear busting reggae and samba music.
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