Rex's Toast: Happy 300th birthday, New Orleans

Rex's Toast: Happy 300th birthday, New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The King of Carnival's message to New Orleans this year: Have fun, especially as we celebrate the city's tricentennial because none of us will see the 400th anniversary.

Waiving to his subjects, Rex 2018 enjoyed every minute of his reign.

The King of Carnival, also known as Lynes "Poco" Sloss, is the president and CEO of Bellwether Technology Corporation, but on Mardi Gras he is the ruler of a kingdom making his way to Gallier Hall.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu made his last toast to the Monarch of Merriment.

"We want to raise a glass to you on this your royal reign, you know that you have been a great citizen of New Orleans your entire life, you have dedicated yourself not only to the business community but also to civic boards and commissions, you have given us your great wisdom, your leadership," said Landrieu.

With a raised glass, Rex gave a toast of his own.

"I'm here with 500 or so of our Rex members to see you today and just briefly I would like to say Rex is an organization who takes New Orleans and civic responsibility very seriously, I think you all know that," said Sloss.

And, his majesty will tell you what he loves most about Carnival. He says it's a time when nobody cares who anybody else is. It's all about getting along together. During his reign, on a beautiful Mardi Gras day, that's exactly what New Orleanians did.

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