Witness recalls frightening moments of fatal shooting

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A shooting in the Seventh Ward killed one woman and sent one man to the hospital, Friday night.

It happened around 6:30 p.m. near the intersection of Pauger and North Villere.

"Just boom, boom, boom, and you don't know who done did it or why, what caused it. you don't know," a witness said.

She didn't want to be identified, but said she was winding down for what she thought would be like any other Friday night.

"I just had walked up in the kitchen, warmed some food, and I wanted to look at the Price is Right. Before I could sit down, I walked in the kitchen. All of a sudden, I heard the gunshots," she said.

They didn't seem to stop.

"At least about 20 shots. After it cooled off, we had run out the door to see what's going on, and it was down the street," she said.

To her surprise, she didn't see anything or anyone.

"Everybody was inside when this happened. My neighbor got to screaming," she said.

Police found a 19-year-old woman dead when they got there.

Neighbors put together a memorial to remember the victim.

"I was real hurt because I had talked to the young girl, and she said she was kin to her, and I was in emotion you know, because I see these children every day. I'm wondering myself, because I couldn't sleep last night, and I'm wondering last night, why'd this happen?" She said.

Another neighbor who also knew the victims said the two were cousins.

"It's depressing. You don't know when it could happen. You could just be playing outside on the street and they could just start shooting," said Abby Eurings.

A reality some say needs to stop.

"I have kids myself so I just have to find out how could we change it? What could we do to change it so it won't happen again," said the witness.

Police said the 16-year-old man was in critical condition when taken to the hospital.

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