Unseasonably warm weather means an early allergy season

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - We're on track to have the warmest February on record, and that means an early allergy season.

"I had to be placed on another antihistamine, so I actually take two every day as well as two nasal sprays to control my allergies," said allergy patient Demetria Jordan.

Jordan said it's usually May before she starts feeling it.

"You want to be outside, you want to enjoy everything, but you know the pollen and the trees and everything is so high that the minute you step outside you're like okay this is not going to be a good day," Jordan said.

LSU Health Allergy and Immunology Specialist Dr. Sanjay Kamboj said he's even seeing more patients in the hospital, particularly if they suffer from both allergies and asthma.

"We're seeing a lot of increase in symptoms, and patients are actually coming to the hospital thinking they're flu while they're worsening of their allergy," said Kamboj.

He said tree pollen is the main culprit right now.

"This year we started seeing pollens in January with the high counts, actually, so basically there was only one week when we had little freeze. But besides that, we had the warm weather and changing weather," said Kamboj.

If you're going outside, Kamboj recommends wearing a hat, sunglasses, and if you see a lot of pollen add a mask. When you come home wash your face. And, if you've already been diagnosed with allergies, take your medications on a regular basis and use a saline nasal spray.

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