St. Paul's soccer trying for a 5-peat Saturday

(WVUE) - St. Paul's is the gold standard for soccer in our state. They've won four state titles in a row, and anything less than a fifth appears unacceptable in Covington.

"It's very intimidating, very stressful. Because there's so much pressure on every game," said senior captain Mason Robichaux. "The history we have at this school. Past eight years we've been in the state championship. Anything other than getting to the state championship is basically a failure for us. So I'm glad we're here."

On Saturday night in Lafayette the Wolves will take on Jesuit. Most of the players that won the crown last year, will be on the field this weekend.

"We do have seven of the starters that actually started last year. We have three or four guys that got into the game. We have 2 or 3 guys that started as sophomores, Kyle Schmidt, Mason Robichaux, so they've been there for two years. So we bring the experience, we should be cool, more prepared, and we should be ready to go," said St. Paul's Head Coach Sean Moser.

Jesuit comes into the title game as the 15th seed. The Jays are considered the underdog, and they're totally fine with it.

"Definitely motivated us. We saw a lot of things saying how this year is an off year. They should count themselves out already. Frankly, we didn't believe that. We put our hearts out on the line every game, and got the results that we wanted," said Jesuit's Ashton Perkins.

"We certainly respect what St. Paul's has accomplished over the last few years," said Jesuit Head Coach Hubie Collins. "Certainly what they've done and what they're building towards, and them going for five in a row. For us, we're not really focused on that. Our focus needs to be on what we need to do to put ourselves in position to win the game on Saturday."

Coach Moser and Collins have had a ton of battles on the field, but who knew they had a relationship so close off the field as well.

"I was at Hubie's wedding. We coached at Lakeview soccer 10-15 years together. He came to me when I was at Sacred Heart and said Jesuit is offering me this and this. I kind of helped him negotiate terms," said Moser.

Kickoff is set for 4:30 p.m. Saturday on the campus of ULL.

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