SLU heating up with tourney time approaching

HAMMOND, LA (WVUE) - UNO, Nicholls state, and Southeastern are all in the hunt for the conference title. Right now, the Colonels lead the Southland, but the Lions are hot on their heels.

SLU is just a half-game back in the standings, and they'll close the season against Nicholls. So the message in Hammond these days is keep pushing.

"They know what the deal is. They understand where we are, and what can be done, and what has to be done in order for us to accomplish our goals<' said SLU Head Coach Jay Ladner. "We're certainly excited about playing well this time of year, but we can't look back. We have to continue to look forward. Each time you win a game, the next one just becomes that much more important."

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