Volunteers plant 150 trees in local neighborhoods

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Volunteers planted 150 trees throughout Mid-City and the Seventh Ward, Saturday.

Whole Foods and Sustaining Our Urban Landscape (SOUL) teamed up to plant large, native trees like Bald Cypress and Live Oak in neighborhoods.

Organizers said each tree can absorb up to 880 gallons of water a day, which helps prevent flooding, increase property values, and reduce household energy use.

"During Katrina, we lost 100,000 trees, which made the U.S. Forest Service declare us the most deforested city in the country, which is huge. it's crucial that we have a thriving system of trees around the city to help make us more resilient to storms and flooding," SOUL Founder Susannah Burley said.

Volunteers clustered trees together to make a bigger impact on subsidence, pollution, storm water and more.

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