Humane Society calling for investigation into pick-up carrying pony in truck bed

Humane Society calling for investigation into pick-up carrying pony in truck bed

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Humane Society of Louisiana is calling for an investigation after photos surfaced of a Shetland pony that was transported in the bed of a pick-up truck during Carnival Season.

According to the report, a witness to the incident shared photos of the pony standing in the back of a tan colored pick-up on N. Carrollton Avenue.

The report said the pony was harnessed by a short tether to the front of the pick-up, but no side panels or additional protection was offered for the pony.

The photos were taken at a red light at the corner of N. Carrollton Ave and Ulloa Street.  The vehicle later turned right onto Earhart Blvd.

"In reviewing the city codes that apply to the transport of animals, we could not determine if the incident captured on a cell phone clearly violated 18-2 (e) which states:  'It shall be unlawful to transport any animal on a public road in any open-bed vehicle unless the animal is safely and humanely restrained (at a minimum by a harness with double tethering for dogs) so that the animal is unable to jump or fall out of the vehicle. If transporting an animal in a kennel or cage in an open bed vehicle, the kennel or cage must be double-tethered to prevent the kennel from moving.' Tethering the pony to the front of the truck may have satisfied the basic legal requirements of this statute, but we still feel that it is unsafe and a poor way to transport any living creature.  We can only imagine what would happen to this pony should the driver be involved in an accident or suddenly stops. A sudden stop would likely cause the pony to crash its head against the back window and likely cause a serious injury to the horse. Plus, driving a horse in this manner is a great distraction to other drivers who are worried and concerned about the pony's safety," said Jeff Dorson, HSL Director.

The Humane Society sent the witness statement as well as the photos to the Humane Law and Rescue Department as well as NOPD.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact NOPD or the Humane Society at 

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