Dentist says subject of FOX 8 investigation stiffed him on rent

(WVUE) - Our investigation grows into a local pastor, who some say, sold them fake high school diplomas. Now, a dentist tells FOX 8 that Pastor Roberta Jackson stiffed him on rent and dental services.

Dr. Natchez Morice is a Gretna-based dentist who says he knows Jackson.

"She's a nice lady, except she's crooked," Morice said. "She said she was going to run a school to prepare kids for home schooling so they could get their high school diploma and finish school."

Last week, we told you about Jackson and her school, Metro Outreach Christian Academy. Both Terebia Lanus and Delice Alexander claim they paid Jackson hundreds of dollars for what they thought were high school diplomas. They say Jackson had them meet her at a local library, where Lanus' daughter and Alexander's husband took diagnostics tests in order to obtain the diploma.

But Lanus says they later found out the diplomas didn't hold the weight they thought they did because the Louisiana Department of Education says the school is not approved.

"She would've never gotten $400 from me, and Tyria would've still been at Riverdale, which is an excellent school," Lanus said.

We tried to locate Jackson after she promised and then failed to show up at FOX 8 for an interview. First, we noticed her Facebook pages - one, her personal account, and the other, for Metro Outreach Christian Academy - were de-activated after our story aired. We then decided to visit the last two known addresses for Metro Outreach.

One is on Holmes Boulevard in Terrytown where the current tenants tell us they still receive mail for Metro Outreach. The other is on the Westbank Expressway in Gretna. That's where we met Dr. Morice. He says he met Jackson in September of 2015 when she wanted to rent space from him for a school. He owns the building.

However, "I didn't see any students come through," Morice said.

Instead, he recalls, "She was apparently boarding people here for her own fun or she had it for whatever reason."

Morice says it was obvious Jackson was living in the space.

After a few months, Morice says, "I replaced a bunch of her missing teeth and then after that, we couldn't get her to pay any rent or anything."

So Morice changed the locks on the office suite Jackson was renting. Then, he says late one night, someone broke into the building and used a crow bar to enter that office, removing items locked inside. Between the dental work and lost rent, he estimates the pastor owes him around $5,000.

"Yes, I'm angry," Morice said.

The dentist says he never heard from Jackson again or heard her name until we showed up.

The Louisiana Department of Education confirms it has received a number of inquiries about Metro Outreach over the years, but has no say over what Jackson is doing.

"It's like you're using Christianity, you're lying, you're scamming people's inheritance, for nothing. I paid you for nothing, for a piece of paper," Delice Alexander said.

Dr. Morice says he's now convinced he's not the only one to be taken advantage of by Pastor Roberta Jackson, a woman who preached a message of God's love on her now de-activated Facebook page.

We attempted again to reach Jackson by phone but couldn't get hold of her. Weeks ago, when we did reach her, she told us she shut down her business last spring. However, paperwork provided to FOX 8 from parents shows Jackson was still in operation in the fall.

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