Guns - including AR-15s - will be raffled off for Project Graduation fundraiser

FRANKLINTON, LA (WVUE) - Starting Thursday, 30 guns will be raffled off in 30 days for a North Shore school fundraiser, including two AR-15s.

The owner of H&H gun shop in Franklinton says students and parents have been selling hundreds of tickets since January to support a Project Graduation fundraiser for seniors at the private Bowling Green School.

A number of different rifles and shotguns will be raffled off, including the two AR-15's. That's the same type of weapon that was used in the recent Florida school shooting that killed 17 people. It's a semi-automatic weapon that Franklinton gun store owner Brent Hoggatt says has gotten a bad rap because it looks evil.

He wouldn't do an on-camera interview, but told us, "I hate what happened there, but it's not the fault of the weapon. It's disturbed people," said Hoggatt.

When referring to the raffle and gun control issues in general, he said, "you have uninformed, uneducated people blowing this out of proportion," Hoggatt said.

We talked to people in Franklinton to find out what they thought about the raffle. One neighbor said, "I hope they don't get into the wrong hands."

Another person we spoke with said he didn't have a problem with it: "I don't have a problem with guns, it's people, it's idiots with guns," he said.

The first raffle drawing started Thursday. The gun store owner says all of the guns are legal to own as long as the ticket holder is 18 or older and can pass a background check. Hoggatt says if they don't pass, they won't get the gun.

He adds the fundraiser was sponsored through parents of Bowling Green seniors, and was not done through the school.

We made repeated attempts to talk to the principal of Bowling Green about the gun raffle, but she has not returned our request for comment.

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