AFR: Free agent target #5 Danny Amendola

AFR: Free agent target #5 Danny Amendola

(WVUE) - Veteran, reliable, clutch. All accurate descriptions of our No. five free agent target, wide receiver Danny Amendola.

Amendola has spent the last five years of his career playing for the NFL's top quarterback in Tom Brady, and the league's top organization in the Patriots. It's a franchise Saints Head Coach Sean Payton has immense admiration for.

Amendola had 61 catches last season, but plays his best ball in the postseason.

He is a true slot receiver, who can work the underneath and middle of the field. Something the Saints are in the market for with the uncertainty surrounding Willie Snead.

Amendola is 32, so a long-term deal is unlikely. But for the right price, he could make a big impact on this offense.

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