Report: Cantrell moves toward short-term rental limits, study in New Orleans

Report: Cantrell moves toward short-term rental limits, study in New Orleans
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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - New Orleans Mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell wants to limit certain short-term rentals and is calling for a study into their impact citywide, according to a report by our partners | The Times-Picayune.

Cantrell, who will replace Mayor Mitch Landrieu in May, had a proposal approved Thursday that will allow two short-term rentals per property in the two zoning designations and make expansion of the practice into additional units subject to council approval, according to the report.

The report states that the ordinance was supported by City Councilman Jason Williams, who said that short-term rentals are creating obvious pressure on rental prices and housing affordability. Cantrell and Williams also pointed to the approaching first anniversary of city's landmark short-term rental regulations on April 1, saying it is an appropriate time to revisit them.

While Cantrell's proposal is somewhat limited, the move will be greeted as a victory by short-term rental opponents. They have been particularly critical of regulations for commercial areas because many zones allow unlimited short-term rentals that are not subject to the 90-day cap in effect for residential areas, according to the report. | The Times-Picayune reports that opponents have pointed to an increase in rezoning requests from property owners seeking to designate their buildings as commercial to make them eligible for unlimited short-term rentals.

To learn more, read the full report here. 

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