North Shore students walk out, pray for Parkland

MANDEVILLE, LA (WVUE) - On the North Shore Wednesday, dozens of students walked out of class, while others gathered in prayer to remember the 17 people who were killed in  Parkland, FLA.

The protests were larger at some schools than others, as many students found other ways to pay tribute.

"I'm proud of them. We need awareness, we need change," said Hannan High senior Carlie Dowell.

Extra law enforcement was brought in at several schools, including like Slidell High School, where more than 90 students walked out of class at 10 a.m. Fifteen walked out at Fontainebleau High School, and about 10 at Mandeville High, where students were encouraged to engage in activities other than skipping class to honor the fallen.

"I don't think they should take away from the teaching," said Mandeville High parent Lisa Schellhaas.

Some students could face disciplinary action for taking part in the walkouts, with many parents in agreement with school policy.

"Not walking out of school, but they should do something that's organized and OK'd by the school," said parent  Betsy Howard.

At Archbishop Hannan, there were no walkouts. There, students gathered in prayer.

"You can definitely see them thinking about it, and they want a response in the communities," said Hannan High campus minister Ryan Cosse.

It is an issue that deeply affects many students who support the call to action.

"I think our generation is doing a great job. We're the leaders doing the best we can, students are standing up for themselves," said Dowell.

Hannan, will hold another prayer service to honor victims in the next couple of weeks, but many say more needs to be done.

"I don't think children under 21 should purchase a gun, I agree with that," said Schellhaas.

Parents said some students may take part in ceremonies before school, or they may take part in marches to be held later.

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