Bayou Country remembers Tom Benson

THIBODAUX, LA (WVUE) - In Bayou Country, you'll find plenty of Saints fans remembering a man who they say gave so much to the state, New Orleans and their community.

"I believe he will be missed," said Saints Fan Kynan Webre. "I think it was a loss for the team, for the state."

Just a day after his death, Lee Clement wanted to honor Tom Benson by wearing his favorite Saints gear.

"What he has brought to New Orleans, you know, bringing the Saints and finally getting us a Superbowl a few years ago and hopefully getting us another one, just kind of to honor him, I wore a Saints shirt and a Saints hat," said Clement.

Another fan shared his favorite Benson memory with us.

"It was just good to see him smiling all the time and when he would ride around the Dome," said Saints fan Kurt Danos. "It's pretty sad. He does so much for the city of New Orleans, he brought the Saints back, gave everybody a lot of hope and improved the team 100 percent. It's a sad loss for Louisiana."

He also meant a lot to Bubba's II Poboys owner Neal Swanner.

"It's sad, he's done so much for the state, for the city, for the community, you know. In retrospect, he's done a lot for here. I just hope that through all the issues he had a few years ago with his family, I hope all that is straight away to where everything is peaceful and a good transition, because he's given a lot to the country and to Louisiana and to the city of New Orleans," said Swanner.

And, as fans in Thibodaux grieve, there's no question Benson's impact will be felt for generations to come.

"He brought a lot of morale to the Saints, the people, the state, New Orleans," said Danos.

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