Vigil held for Black Lives Matter activist killed in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Local activists took to the streets to remember a prominent Black Lives Matter member shot and killed in New Orleans.

It's been more than a month since the unsolved homicide of Muhiyidin Moye, an activist from South Carolina who made national headlines when he grabbed a Confederate flag from a protestor.

On Feb. 6, he made headlines again. This time in New Orleans, when police found Moye shot at the intersection of Bienville and North Roman. That's where activists gathered Saturday to remember him.

"I thought about a person like him who came to public eye because of what he did to stand up against white supremacy and racism. And I just didn't think it was right for him to come here, lose his life, and nothing be done by the community to show our appreciation for him," said Willie Muhammad with New Orleans Peace Keepers.

Muhiyidin's family is still left with questions.

"He was such a giving person and always fought for what was right, and for injustice, and so we as a family really do appreciate any help we can get in answering questions as to what happened to him, why, all those types of answers. It would just give us a little bit of peace," his sister, Kimberli Duncan said.

Activists went door to door handing out flyers in hopes that someone in the neighborhood would have some information on his death.

"We're just trying to do for him what we would want others to do for us if one of our loved ones was killed, so if you have any information, we would appreciate a call," Muhammad said to a neighbor.

While there aren't answers yet, they're hoping awareness will help.

"We owe it to him and his family to do whatever we can to bring about justice, and to bring about why he was murdered, and who murdered him," W.C. Johnson with Community United for Change said.

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