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Nicondra: Storms linger into Monday but cooler and drier week ahead

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The Storm Prediction Center updated it's severe risk potential to slight for most of southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast late Sunday evening as a complex of storms tracked east across central Louisiana. The heaviest weather is likely to move past between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 am.

We will still have the opportunity for a bit of rain around particularly with the morning rush hour, but as we get deeper into the day and cooler drier air begins to filter south rain chances will diminish by the late evening. The front looks to push through late Monday into Tuesday resetting the environment with drier slightly below average temperatures for a few days. We keep telling you not to put away the long sleeves just yet.

The cooler and drier conditions stick around through the end of the week with slight up tick in temperatures as we head towards the weekend. Hopefully we can keep the rain away.

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