LA twin receives new liver, other close to death

LA twin receives new liver, other close to death

SLIDELL, LA (WVUE) - Two Slidell twins diagnosed with liver cancer are now facing two very different outcomes.

Nicholas and Devin Coats were diagnosed after Nicholas began experiencing pain in his hamstring.

"Nicholas called me from school complaining of his hamstring burning so bad that he could hardly sit in his school desk," said Margi Coats, Nicholas and Devin's mother. "He complained about it throughout that night, and I told him it may be just growing pains as my boys were growing inches like crazy."

Margi said they brushed it off to growing pains until he called from school the next day in so much pain he couldn't stand.

"I left work and brought him to the emergency room," said Margi. "The ER doctor ran blood work and saw that he had platelets that were really low, but he didn't understand if that was a correlation with the hamstring burning."

They were referred to an oncologist where they learned that Nicholas had Cancer.

"I instantly thought blood Cancer. I had no idea that that would eventually become a reality much later down the line," Margi said.  "I told the doctor that I had identical boys and he said I should have his brother checked too."

Both Nicholas and Devin were scheduled for an ultrasound of the abdomen. Their livers had abnormal growths throughout, and their spleens grew twice the size to compensate for the lack of liver function.

The boys had a liver biopsy in March 2017, and were found to have severe scar tissue on the liver, followed by the diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver.

Devin was lucky, and received a new liver after both he and his brother were placed on a transplant list, according to reports.

It was too late for Nicholas, however.

Devin is expected to live a full life.

Nicholas just wanted to make it to high school graduation, but he is not expected to live to graduation day.

According to reports, the family is experiencing financial troubles due to medical bills. A gofundme account has been set up in the family's name.

Devin said in a report that he will honor his brother Nicholas' life by living how he would have wanted.

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