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Witness threatens to be disruptive in trial of man accused of killing NOPD officer

Travis Boys/FILE (Source: OPSO) Travis Boys/FILE (Source: OPSO)

Prosecutors began making their case in the first-degree murder trial of the man accused of killing a New Orleans police officer.

Travis Boys is accused of shooting and killing officer Daryle Holloway in June 2015.

Orleans Parish Criminal Court Judge Karen Herman made it clear she is ready to see this case through to the end.

Tuesday morning before the jury entered the room, she told the court that the defense had subpoenaed a witness the night before.

Herman said that witness, whose identity is currently unknown to the public, has threatened to be disruptive.

However, she said if something were to happen, it would not be the basis of a mistrial.

Herman has already warned Boys about showing jurors the restraints around his arms and ankles that he has to wear for the entire trial.

Those are in place because boys smeared his own feces on his face in court during jury selection last October.

NOPD Lt. Kevin Burns started day two of testimony Tuesday. He works for the NOPD’s force investigation team and investigated the murder of Holloway.

Burns walked the jury through dozens of crime scene photos, showing them the inside of the vehicle Holloway was killed in and the gun that was used.

He also testified that officer Holloway had only been in the car for three minutes with Boys before the policeman was shot and killed.

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