Travis Boys trial Day 3: Fallen officer's daughter testifies, describing him as "adventurous"

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The daughter of a murdered NOPD officer took the stand in the trial of the man accused in his shooting.

Officer Daryle Holloway's family and colleagues showed up in support for the fallen officer on the third day of testimony.

Travis Boys faces first degree murder charges for killing Holloway in 2015 while being taken to jail.

Prosecution called Kayla Holloway to the stand and asked her about where she was during her father's death. She said she was in New York on an internship when she got a call from her brother that her father died.

"I called my daddy multiple times, he didn't answer. Then I called my mom three times and it went to voicemail," Kayla said.

Kayla said she couldn't believe it.

"I talked to him the night before everything happened. That's why when I got the call I was like nothing is wrong because I had just spoken to him the night before," Kayla said.

She remembers her father in uniform for most of her childhood, saying, "He was a great dad. My family went on vacations every year. We always had great jokes. On vacations I would always try to be around him because he was so adventurous."

Defense Attorney Billy Sothern offered his condolences to her.

Experts also took to the stand to talk about the pieces of evidence from the scene where Holloway was shot and killed. They included a firearms and forensics specialist, an expert DNA analyst and a forensic pathologist.

They observed cuts made in the handcuffs by bolt cutters, along with blood found on the Smith and Wesson gun.

The DNA analyst said both Holloway and Boys' DNA were found on the gun and magazine.

The forensic pathologist from the coroner's office described the fatal gunshot wound below Holloway's right armpit, and by his chest.

She said they also conducted a toxicology report, and found no alcohol or drugs in his system.

Prosecution also called Holloway's daughter to the stand, who relived the moment she found out her father had been killed.

She said she was in New York at the time, and in disbelief when she heard of the news.

"Everyone in the house knew but me, they were all trying to comfort me. The police department booked me a flight home. By the time I got home, my dad was already taken to the hospital," Holloway said.

She also describes him as an "adventurous dad," who she was close with.

"He was always around, always at school events. He was there for everything. Whenever I needed something I knew I could call him," Holloway said.