VIDEO: LA nurse inspires patients with stunning voice

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - A nurse at Ochsner Medical Center in Jefferson Parish is soothing patients in a unique way.

Leola Shaw was with her sister Yvonne Gray for treatment at the facility when Laura Yeager began to sing.

"This young lady has been remarkable," Shaw said. "Her voice is awesome and soothing to my sister when she needs it most."

Shaw could not praise Yeager's sincere spirit enough.

"You would think that we have known her since traveling here for nearly seven years," Shaw said. "In fact, she has only met my sister once a few years ago but cared for her as if she has known her all her life."

Shaw said Yeager's care has given her the gift of comfort when it comes to her sister's treatment.

"Because of nurses such as Laura Yeager and her peers, which care for LVAD patients, family members have assurance they are in the good hands when we are absent from their bedside," Shaw said.

Shaw said that Yeager is proof that good things and people genuinely exist today.

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