Prosecutors rebut the Defense's claim that Travis Boy is mentally incompetent

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - On the fifth day of the Travis Boys trial, state prosecutors played jail house phone calls in an effort to prove Boys is mentally competent.

They also called two final witnesses to the stand, which the defense tried to prevent by filing a writ.

"Well it certainly works in the defense's favor if only their doctor presented his mental testimony questioning not only Mr. Boys' competency, but his sanity.

Maybe now, maybe at the time of the event. Certainly, the state has the right though to present testimony that counteracts that," Ken Daley with the District Attorney's Office said.

The judge, along with the Appeals Court and even the Supreme Court denied that request.

Meanwhile, jurors heard jail house calls Boys made to his wife and girlfriend.

The calls were part of the prosecutors' rebuttal testimony, as they try to contradict defense witness testimony.

Thursday, the defense called Boys' sister and a forensic psychiatrist to try to prove boys had a low IQ, and could not perform basic tasks like count change, or tell dates and times.

Boys is accused of killing officer Daryle Holloway in June 2015, when Holloway was transporting him to jail.

The phone recordings start on June 26, 2015, just six days after Boys was arrested.

"It can really help a case and we certainly think that it did so today in refuting the insanity claim of Travis Boys," Daley said.

Prosecutors played one phone call from October 2017, when Boys called his wife Avis.

During the call, Boys said, "Baby I miss you so much," and "You my world, you my everything."

Prosecutors said immediately after, Boys called his girlfriend, Shanika Gettridge. Boys is heard professing his love to her as well.

The last recording jurors heard was from Thursday night. Boys talked to Gettridge about being summoned to court.

He said, "They subpoenaed you so if they subpoenaed you, you have to come to court," and "All you gotta do is come forward."

Prosecutors hope the call would show Boys could understand the court proceedings.

"These jail house calls that we played for the jury showed that not only does he have a wide range of vocabulary, but has a very good grasp of things such as time, events, recall, a lot of the things that we were told yesterday by the defense's doctors that he struggles with, were actually shown in these jail house calls to not be an issue," Daley said.

After the phone calls, jurors heard from doctors called by prosecutors trying to debunk yesterday's defense testimony trying to prove boys' has mental health issues.

The judge said closing arguments were expected to be made by the end of the day.

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