Jury finds Travis Boys guilty of first degree murder in fatal shooting of NOPD officer Daryle Holloway

Jury finds Travis Boys guilty of first degree murder in fatal shooting of NOPD officer Daryle Holloway

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A jury has found Travis Boys guilty of first degree murder in the fatal shooting of NOPD officer Daryle Holloway. Holloway was shot and killed while transporting Boys to jail in June 2015.

Closing arguments took place Saturday, wrapping up a six-day trial where both the prosecution and defense argued over the mental competency of Boys.

During jury selection, in October, Boys smeared feces on himself in court. After being evaluated at a mental hospital, he was found capable of standing trial.

"All we ever wanted was justice for Daryle. On June 20, 2015, Daryle was simply doing his job. A job he truly loved," Olander Holloway said.

Officer Daryle Holloway's family members rejoiced after hearing the jury found Travis Boys guilty of first degree murder.

"Daryle did not deserve what happened to him that day. But today, we are able to see justice handed out for daryle," Olander said.

The verdict came shortly after jurors listened to closing statements from the defense and state prosecution.

Defense Attorney Billy Sothern reiterated Officer Wardell Johnson's mistakes, including not finding Boys' hidden gun, and tried to convince jurors that Boys was not guilty by reason of insanity.

State prosecutors argued that Boys knew what he was doing when he shot Holloway, and said even the doctors called in by the defense could not deny that.

"Obviously we were hoping for a guilty as charged unanimous. you never want to be over-confident. we knew we had a very good case," Prosecutor Inga Petrovich said.

The jury re-watched the body cam video from the final moments of Holloway's life, which prosecutors said were invaluable in this case.

"Officer Holloway literally struggled through his last breath, to prevent the escape of his killer. Travis Boys not only had a clear understanding of his intentions to shoot this officer with a smuggled gun and escape from custody, but he also knew it was wrong," Ken Daley with the District Attorney's Office said.

Holloway's family also sympathized with Boys' family.

"We know that through prayers and by the grace of god, a better day is coming. Lastly, to Mr. Travis Boys, may God have mercy on your soul," Olander said.

Saturday afternoon, NOPD Chief Michael Harrison issued the following statement on the verdict:

"On behalf of the men and women of the NOPD, we are greatly relieved and satisfied that justice has been served. While it will not bring back our fallen brother, this verdict can finally bring some closure to Officer Holloway's family and loved ones.

"This brings a sad chapter to a close. We go on. Our officers work every day and do everything in their power to ensure tragic incidents like this never happen again."

Mayor Mitch Landrieu also issued a statement on the decision in the case:

"Today, justice has been served. By a jury of his peers, Travis Boys has been convicted for the heinous and cowardly murder of NOPD Officer Daryle Holloway, a 22-year veteran of our police force. Nearly three years after his murder, our city continues to mourn his senseless death. While this verdict cannot ease the pain created losing Officer Holloway, it does send a powerful message that if you attack our police, you will be brought to justice. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Officer Holloway's family and loved ones and with all the men and women of New Orleans Police Department who proudly protect and serve our community every day."

Boys' sentencing is set for May third, where Holloway's family members are expected to give victim impact statements.

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