Campaign Promises: Lopinto on arming teachers

Campaign Promises: Lopinto on arming teachers
Source: Fox 8

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - After a mass shooting at a Florida High School, the topic of arming teachers has been discussed nationwide.

Sheriff Joseph Lopinto was asked during a Town Hall his thoughts on teachers carrying guns.

Neither he or his opponent John Fortunato supported the proposal that educators carry guns, but Lopinto wasn't completely against the idea either.

"Am I opposed to it? No," Lopinto said. "Do I think that's the answer, that every teacher should carry a gun? That answer is no."

Lopinto said the decision on whether or not to arm teachers should be up to the school board. He also cautioned that the community can't let situations like the Parkland, Fla., shooting control their lives.

"Are we willing to put our kids through that?" he asked. "I don't think we need to lock down our schools every single day because that's not the environment we want for our children."

Lopinto beat his opponent and former JPSO spokesperson John Fortunato during a special election March 24.

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