Run-off election set for Slidell mayor race

SLIDELL, LA (WVUE) - The results are in but Slidell is still waiting to learn who its next mayor will be. That's because, with four viable candidates, no one won the seat. Now, voters will make their final decision in a run-off election next month.

The last men standing-- Greg Cromer and Kevin Davis-- are both vying for the open seat after knocking two other candidates out of the race.

Bruce Clement and Landon Cusimano finished third and fourth.

Now, with five weeks until the runoff, Cromer and Davis are looking toward the future.

"It's getting out and touching those voters that didn't vote for us, making sure we get our message across to them, help them to understand why were the best man for the job," said Cromer.

Opponent Kevin Davis has a virtually identical game plan.

"Making sure that we backtrack through the entire city and make sure that we go back and see all the citizens that were already with us, make sure that we get them out to vote," said Davis.

The two say drawing voters will be important, especially since so few residents showed up to the polls. According to the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office, voter turnout was less than 30-percent.

"We think it may be a little bit lower the next time so we have to know our target to make sure we get our vote out," Davis explained.

Cromer says he hopes to see more voters in the run-off, close to 35 or 40-percent.

"We really need people engaged in the process," said Cromer.

The runoff is set for April 28.

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