Lawmakers considering two measures to increase school safety

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - Louisiana lawmakers are considering two bills aimed to increase safety in schools.

The move comes after 17 people were killed last month in The Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida. ?Since that shooting, the gun control debate has been taking place all across the country with many different ideas being proposed.

?Lawmakers have two bills currently in committee that will add to that debate.

The first is a bill from Senator Mike Walsworth. That bill would allow students to wear bulletproof backpacks to school.

The backpacks are available online starting at $50 to several hundred dollars, and work similarly to a bulletproof vest. Body armor is illegal under current gun restrictions in schools across the state.

The bill would make it legal for students to carry bulletproof backpacks at school and school events

The other bill would allow certain teachers and parents with certain backgrounds like retired police officers or services members with concealed weapons permits to enter into agreements with principals to secure schools.

The bills are being considered just days after millions took to the streets in the "March For Our Lives" protest, and two weeks after students participated in national walk out protests.

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