Support dog lost while owners were vacationing in New Orleans found safe

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A Texas couple is breathing a sign of relief after their dog who went missing for four months in New Orleans was found. 

Lauren Springbob and Jordan Lucas were visiting friends in January when they lost their support animal Rex.

Rex, who is naturally skiddish, could not be left alone or with their friend's animal during the vacation due to his past with abuse.

They looked up a pet sitter online. She said the one they found had good reviews, and decided to leave him at their center while they hung out with their friends in the city.

While the pet sitter was walking Rex, he backed out of his collar and ran down Claiborne without being seen for months.

Springbob posted on Facebook Thursday that he had been found just when they had lost hope.

"IT IS HIM!!! We are in absolute shock. He was rushed straight to the vet by Laura Grannen and Jonna Ellis and microchip confirmed it was our baby! Rex is coming home after almost 4 months of being missing. Words cannot even express my gratitude to all of you on this page who love Rex like he was your own."

In the post, Springbob said a tip they received help lead them to Rex.

"A special shout out to Meagan Simpson who followed up on this lead when we didn't have any hope left and for sending us those pictures so we could get more people mobilized to the area."

Springbob said that Rex will remain with a vet for free until she and Lucas can come back to the city to pick him up.

"The people of New Orleans are the kindest, and most generous people I have ever encountered in my life and Jordan Lucas and I will never forget this for as long as we live."

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