Disturbing body camera footage released in San Francisco police shootout

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (WVUE) - Dash cam video showing the scene outside during a shootout at a barber shop in San Francisco last week has been released.

The video shows a San Francisco Police Department officer-involved shooting at Amazon Barber Shop, according to KTVU.

Screams of "I have kids in here" can be heard throughout the video.

The video shows an officer on the ground as he appears to point a gun at the suspect inside the barber shop while customers were inside.

Authorities released two officers' body cam videos and dashboard camera footage at a town-hall meeting Thursday night from the March 21 incident, where a 21-year-old suspect, Jehad Eid, of Suisun, was killed by police gunfire, according to KTVU.

According to KTVU's report, police said preliminary evidence shows that Eid fired nine rounds from his 40 caliber firearm that was located in the barbershop. Officers fired 26 rounds. Eid was hit approximately 18 times.

Eid was handcuffed and given medical attention, but did not survive.

Learn more about the incident here. 

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