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Attorneys for Alton Sterling's children react to body cam video, Salamoni's termination

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Less than an hour after Chief Murphy Paul announced Salamoni's termination and Lake's suspension, attorneys for Alton Sterling's children called for reform. They say the video released today offered insight into what black people deal with across the country, calling on change within the Baton Rouge Police Department and nationwide.

"There is disappointment. There is sadness. There is anger," said attorney for Alton Sterling's children L. Chris Stewart.
Not long after Chief Murphy Paul announced Blane Salamoni's termination for excessive use of force, attorneys representing Alton Sterling's five children addressed the media.

"Today, you saw Sterling was not a man out of control. The person who was out of control it was Blane Salamoni. The person who stood by and let him be out of control with how was Lake. That's a tragedy," Stewart explained. 

The three men watched Salamoni's body cam footage for the first time, Friday, just hours before the Chief released his findings. 

It was also the first time Sterling's children saw the video.

"Every time they see this footage, they relive this. It's horrible to watch," attorney for Alton Sterling's children Michael Adams said. 

Counselors say, the video not only showed Salamoni escalate the situation, it also offered insight into Sterling's personality. 

"He never threatened him. He never raised his voice. He kept asking, 'what did I do, man? What did I do?'" explained Stewart.

Stewart says this was a day of truth, in which the public was able to see what black people deal with all the time, not only in Baton Rouge, but nationwide.

"The silent complaint or the loud one of every black person in the inner-city who has to deal with an officer like Blane Salamoni," he said.

Now, Stewart and others are calling for the federal government to get involved in what he calls an epidemic of black men dying by police officers. 

"This has to be fixed. The community and law-enforcement have to learn to get along," said Stewart.

There is still a civil suit against both officers. 

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