63-year-old stroke survivor crosses the finish line of Crescent City Classic

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Thousands kicked off Easter weekend by walking and running the Crescent City Classic Saturday morning.

One of them, a partially paralyzed man determined to make the trek.

Sixty-three-year-old Gilmore Wheeler was surrounded by family and friends as he crossed the finish line.

"It feels marvelous. I feel good," Gilmore said.

"This is a true example of you can do whatever you put your mind to, whatever goals you set, you can definitely do it," his daughter Daneisha Buckles said.

This is a miraculous feat for him, after a stroke in 2013 left him partially paralyzed.

"He is just determined to be able to walk and utilize his limbs again. And I do believe with God in the plan, it's gon' happen," his sister Marjorie Wheeler said.

With the help of doctors and physical therapy, Gilmore is back on his feet, and able to walk miles.

"From going to being told not being able to walk, to doing a race. So that's definitely an accomplishment. It's definitely God and a blessing," Buckles said.

Buckles made special shirts that read, "#TeamGilmore" that his team proudly donned.

"I came up with Team Gilmore because as a family, as a whole, as one, we are here to support him. We're his team, we're his backbone, his support system," Buckles said.

His family is inspired by Gilmore's persistence in his road to recovery.

"I am so proud of the accomplishments that he has made. He has come a long way since his stroke," Marjorie said.

"He's one of those fighters. If you tell him no, don't do something, he's going to do it," Buckles said.

He made it to the halfway mark of the 10K, with his biggest fans by his side every step of the way.

"It's beautiful. Everybody's my family, even my doctor's my family," Gilmore said.

"An awesome, overwhelming experience to cross that finish line," Buckles said.

Gilmore has even bigger goals next year.

"I'm gon' run I'm not gon' try, I'm gon' run," Gilmore said.

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