Fired BRPD officer involved in Alton Sterling shooting appeals decision

(WVUE) - Blane Salamoni, one of the two officers involved in the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling was fired from his position, Friday, by Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul.

"He said that was the worst day of his life," said Blane Salamoni's attorney, John McLindon.

Salamoni's attorney says his client cried when he heard the news, Friday.

"Officer Blane Salamoni has been terminated from the Baton Rouge Police Department," announces BRPD Chief Murphy Paul.

Chief Paul announced says Salamoni was fired for violating use of force and command of temper policies in the shooting death of Alton Sterling.

"I don't think termination was appropriate in this case," contests McLindon.

Now, Salamoni is appealing Chief Paul's decision.

McLindon contends Salamoni did not lose his temper and his actions were justified.

"It was rapid. It was evolving and it was very tense," he said. "He's fired based on hindsight 20/20 judgment of what he did."

McLindon says Salamoni yelled at Sterling and used profanities to get his attention.

"He's trying to send a message to Alton Sterling. He raises his voice to say, we're not kidding around here, man," McLindon explained.

After he shot Sterling, McLindon says Salamoni wasn't cursing Sterling for being a bad person but for the actions that led up to his death.

"Basically saying, 'why did you make me do this? Why didn't you just comply? If you had complied, I wouldn't of had to do that,'" said McLindon.

During the disciplinary hearing, McLindon advised Salamoni not answer any questions. He says he believed the decision had already been made to terminate Salamoni and giving a statement would've accomplished nothing.

"After the shooting, he gave a statement to homicide detectives, didn't even have to do that. He could've pleaded the fifth then. He gave an IA statement. The chief had both of those statements," McLindon said.

The Baton Rouge Police Union released a statement indicating a representative reviewed the evidence and the Union publicly stands behind Salamoni and Officer Howie Lake:

"Our Police Officers are faced with many complicated and highly intense situations. Accuracy gives real perspective. We look forward to a fair and impartial hearing with the Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board."

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