DWI suspect accused of hitting 5 teens

(WVUE) - A Raceland woman is facing multiple charges after police say she was drunk when she hit five teens fishing off the shoulder in Terrebone Parish.

"God just saved us. That's all I can say," said angler Rita Chaisson.

Chaisson believes it could have been her hit by the drunk driver on Island Road. She and her husband were there fishing Friday, less than an hour before it happened.

"About 10 minutes after we had got home, the ambulance passed, about five of them, the sheriff, Wildlife and Fisheries. I was like, 'okay, something must have happened,'" recalled Chaisson.

She soon learned a drunk driver hit five pedestrians - three were 15, one was 16 and another 17. What's more, a source said they were residents at MacDonnell Children Services - a place for children the state removed from their home.

State Police said 45-year-old Jan Breaux of Raceland was just over the legal limit when she crossed over the center line and ran off the roadway, hitting the five teens fishing off the shoulder. Three were airlifted to University Medical Center. The other two were taken to another hospital.

"I was angry. I was mad because I know me and him come out here and sometimes we stay out here late, so, you know, for a woman to be driving drunk, speeding down this road with the possibility of kids being out here," said angler Amanda Gregoire.

Gregoire said it's bad enough cars speed down the road with so many people fishing off the small shoulder. Locals said police revealing that the driver was drunk made it even worse.

"I was shocked. I started texting people that I knew and told them there was an accident on an Island Road," said John Gregoire.

"I'm scared, very scared about the cars and stuff," said Brennan Champhene.

State Police said Breaux was wearing her seat belt and was not injured in the crash. She's facing her third DWI, three counts of first-degree vehicular negligent injuring and careless operation. Her bond is set at $250,000.