Facebook to notify users affected by data breach

(WVUE) - Facebook says users should see it in their feeds starting Monday.

"Protecting your Information" will include a link to the apps they've used and what information they've shared those applications. Plus, how to turn off third-party access.

Users will also learn whether they're one of the nearly 90 million affected by the Cambridge Analytica data breach.

"We all agree, any information we give on Facebook, we give it up," said Tulane Social Media Professor Ashley Nelson.

It's something users may know, but don't always remember, especially when it comes to third-party applications.

"That application accesses their profile and it doesn't really tell you what it accesses until you go into the settings and it says, 'look, you've given them access to your contact information, your age, your personal information, your friends,'" said Crescent City Cybersecurity CEO Nam Nguyen.

It could be a survey, a game or another application that allows users a single sign-on with their Facebook log-in.

"Suddenly, your six degrees of separation exposed a lot of information about you and your friends and your likes and dislikes, and somebody grabbed that information," Nguyen explained.

It's similar to the way Cambridge Analytica used a personality quiz to collect data from participants and their friends. There are allegations this Trump-affiliated firm may have used that data to influence the election.

Nelson says it's one of the reasons why the upcoming notice is vital to regaining the public's trust.

"They have to do this. I mean, think about this. Think about the credibility of the company," said Nelson.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to testify before Congress next week.