Overnight storms leave parts of Paradis in St. Charles Parish, damaged

FOX 8 photo
FOX 8 photo

ST. CHARLES PARISH, LA (WVUE) - After a windstorm ripped through Paradis early Saturday morning, people in one part of town remove fallen trees from their homes and the streets.

"It sounded like a tin can just ripping and my two girls cam running, screaming," said Joyell Rousselle.

"It was kind of scary," said Jeremy Adams. "We stayed through a hurricane a few years ago, and it wasn't anything like that. I mean, it was constant winds for a good five or six minutes. It was pretty bad."

In that short amount of time, Adams say the wind scattered branches and took down trees.

"Everybody said it sounds like a train, but the wind was blowing so hard in so many different directions, that's all you heard was the water hitting the side of the house and the wind just picking up and down the whole time. I guess five or six minutes seemed like 15 or 20 minutes," said Adams.

"It was very windy, and it was like lightning. My sister told me, cause I ended up falling asleep. My sister told me the lightning was lighting up the room," said Shannon Summers.

A pile of debris is what's left of Rousselle's car port.

"(The) car port was from here to here, and it went all the way across to that side, and connected to the house over there and that whole side tore completely off," said Rousselle as she pointed to the location of where the car point once stood.

The gusts strong enough to blow over the structure's cement base.

"Luckily, the post, we had cut the post off of right there, and it was like two inches, two feet from hitting my car, but it just missed the car and the truck so thank God that was all ok," said Rousselle.

She adds that some pieces flew all the way to her neighbor's yard. "It was all the way over there in their yard right there, and one piece of the tin wrapped around a lady's car over there, but it didn't do no damage to her car," said Rousselle

Just around the corner, people say a trampoline flew across the fence, and landed on top of a neighbor's shed.

"(It) ended up doing some damage to two vehicles," said Adams. "I don't know if it did any roof damage or not, but it was kind of scary, you know, coming out this morning and realizing that it could've went into the back of my house or my backdoor."

Adams says fortunately, his kids were out of town.

"It would've been a little different with my kids home you know, it's a little more scary when you have to worry about little ones walking around and having to fend for them," he said.

"Thank God and everybody's ok," Rousselle said.

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