Juan's World: Kings of the back court

Juan's World: Kings of the back court

(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World and the Pelicans backed up last night what I've been thinking and saying, to myself, since they qualified for the playoffs. Anthony Davis is NOT the key to the Pels winning their series against Portland. Their back court is.

Whoever Head Coach Alvin Gentry has playing the point and defending the point, will ultimately decide how successful the Pelicans are against the Trail Blazers.

Look at game one. The combo of Rajon Rondo and Jrue Holiday thoroughly out-performed Portland's dynamic duo of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, when it counted the most.

Lillard and McCollum may have outscored the Pels tandem 37 to 27, but those 37 points came on a combined 13 for 41 shooting. A lot of that was the result of Rondo and Holiday's defense making things difficult.

And when you factor in Rondo's 17-assists, that at least 34 more points that came off of his creation. Rondo and Holiday are the difference in this series.

We know that Anthony Davis will get his points. One of the games best players is expected to do his part. In fact, Davis, when called upon, should be able to take over the game.

But, overall success, in this series at least, begins with guard play. How Rondo, Holiday and even Ian Clark handle Lillard and McCollum on defense and how much success they have scoring the basketball on offense, will decide this series.

So far, so good for the Pelicans.

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