Bond set for 3 teens accused in Lakeview aggravated assault

Three 15-year-old teens police believe to be the same suspects caught on surveillance video in front of a Lakeview home last month appeared in juvenile court Tuesday.

FOX 8 obtained the arrest warrant in the case that details the investigation against the teens. According to the warrant, the victim had just arrived home in the 900 block of Walker Street and was "bringing grocery bags inside while leaving her vehicle unlocked."

The warrant states that the suspects "exited the vehicle and went to the white Audi in order to burglarize it."

Police say the victim noticed the suspects rummaging through her vehicle and yelled, "Get out of my car." That's when police say one of the teens fired multiple shots at the victim and then took off.

According to the warrant, the car driven by the teens was stolen the day before the Lakeview incident and later sold for $2,000 to an unknown subject.

The warrant also states: "The Smith and Wesson 9mm that was used in the commission of the aggravated assault was later sold to someone in the Desire Housing area."

All three teens accused in this case have  lengthy arrest records. The judge set a $70,000 bond for the teen suspected of being the shooter in the Lakeview incident. Another teen's bond was set at $20,000, and the teen with the longest arrest record has the highest bond of $95,000.

That 15 year old is currently on probation with a history of arrests that include criminal damage and theft out of St. Bernard Parish, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of marijuana, and simple burglary. The teen also had 5 warrants out for his arrests for failure to appear in court when he was picked up the aggravated assault and simple burglary in Lakeview.

For now, all three teens remain at the Youth Study Center.

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