Two Carrollton women carjacked, but get good news out of Jefferson Parish

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Some Carrollton residents are asking for more lights and crime cameras after two women, lost their car at gunpoint last night.

It happened in a matter of seconds in the 1800 block of Dante Street and ended in Metairie.

It is a neighborhood of tidy houses, neat lawns, and is normally quiet.

"I've been here, 20 something years, and it never happens," said Ledonia Julien.

Last night as one friend dropped off another the driver found herself on the wrong end of a gun.

"Scariest thing I ever experienced," said the victim.

It happened within seconds after the pair of women got out to take a look at a new garden.

"She wanted me to see her new flower garden...I was maybe 10 feet away," said the victim.

"As soon as I turned my back, kids came out of nowhere, jumped in her car," said the victim's friend.

The victim's first reaction was instinctive.

My instinct was to pull on the handle because it wasn't his car, and he pointed a gun at my face, and I screamed, and he sped off, and his accomplice sped off in the car he came in," said the victim.

The two vehicles sped off toward Carrollton Avenue.

Neighbors in this block of Dante St. say they have some ideas on how they would like to see that happen.

Victims say police arrived quickly, but they would like to see more patrols and crime cameras.

"Lighting is fair, but they can use more light around here," said neighbor Rufus Collins.

Wednesday afternoon, as the victim tried to adjust to life without a car, a break.

"I just received a call that the car was located," said the victim.

Her stolen Subaru was spotted in Metairie this morning, with the suspects inside in the 4000 block of Rye Street. Jefferson Parish Deputies ran the plate, realized the car was stolen and took the men into custody.

"I'm very pleased they located the car. I'm not in a position to get a new car and I'm thankful they made arrests. I feel violated," said the victim.

The victims and neighbors now deal with a new reality that may include less movement at night.

"I'm thinking about getting a weapon," said Ledonia.

"I'm very angry. It's a cycle that continues and these kids have little respect for anyone or anything," said the victim.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office continues to investigate this case, but confirms they have made three arrests of men who will soon face a number of charges related to the Dante St. carjacking.

19-year-olds Payton Jacobs of New Orleans and Joshua London of Kenner are in custody. Also arrested is 20-year-old Gerald Jefferson of New Orleans.

The trio faces illegal possession of stolen property charges in Jefferson Parish. They will also face charges in Orleans.

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